Pocket Pulse Remote

When I learned that Hot Octopuss were realising a new product, there were an immediate intrigue to the discovering the features of the new Pocket Pulse male stimulator. All of which did sounds deeply impressive and there were a fair bit of excitement involved once the pocket pulse were on its way to myself to experience.

On arrival I were greeted by a small square box that did hint at the luxury that were waiting inside as the pocket pulse comes well-presented packaging, as there is a shiny bronze colouring to the storage box which does have images of the pulse alongside a description and key points off the product.

Inside the black pocket pulse is neatly stored inside a plastic moulded tray with the remote and USB charging cable, also included is an instruction booklet and a smart black drawstring hot Octopuss branded smart storage bag, which is an ideal size to fit all the contents in.

The size of the Pocket Pulse were the first noticeable feature especially compared to the Pulse III, as it does easily fit in the palm of your hand, it is also incredibly lightweight to hold. The size dimensions of the pulse are 3 3/4 inches in length with a width of 2 inches.

The inner side of the Pulse is made from silicone this allows for a lovely soft feel to the finish; there is a flexible arm which fits perfectly around your penis. I do love the arm design as not only does aid in keeping the stroker in position during play, it has gone a long way in providing an ideal stroking action during a session.

The firm ABS outer finish of the pulse is where the controls are based in the form of a + & – which increases/decrease the strength of the seven vibrating speeds. To switch on the pulse holding the + for two seconds starts the vibrations from the two large motors that the pocket pulse holds. The strengths of the vibrations were of a surprising nature from this pocket sized toy, Whether your choosing the lowest or highest speed there is a variety to the strong powerful vibrations to find a strength to suit your needs.

The remote control does offer another method of controlling the pocket pulse, this is my preferred method of use, it can also offer an extra edge of fun as you can leave your partner in charge of the controls.

To begin play you can either be flaccid or erect, normally during my masturbation sessions I always prefer to be fully erect till I begin play with a toy. The pocket Pulse has changed my opinion on this as the vibrations can be deeply felt on my flaccid penis; within minutes it isn’t long before I can feel my erection growing inside the flexible arm, to leave me with an instant solidness to my shaft. That leaves me feeling the need to begin pleasuring myself with the toy.

This is where I apply a small amount of water based lube to the pulse as it provides a smooth feel during the thrusting of the toy. As I begin slowly working the pulse directly over the head of my penis, the arm perfectly provides an ideal stroking motion as I can feel my stimulation levels building, as I combine this with firmly pressing the Pulse into my penis to experience a greater feel of the powerful duel motors, the vibrations create a sensitivity that adds to the pleasure I am feeling as I continue working the Pulse I speed up the thrusting. I can feel my climax is edging closer as the pleasure of solely stimulating only the head of my penis brings a different kind of my pleasure. As I reach climax it brings a deep intense orgasm that I can feel myself losing control as an explosive climax is met with a sensitivity that surrounds the head of my penis which is just pure unadulterated pleasure.

The joy of the Pocket Pulse isn’t only restricted to the bedroom as it’s fully waterproof to be able to indulge in some aquatic play in either the shower or bath. If discreet play was an issue for you then I would advise only using the Pulse when you are alone, as the speeds raise so does the noise volume from the vibrations.

The Pulse does arrive fully charged as this allows you the possibility of playing instantly with your new toy. When charging is required the cable simply pushes into the charging point which is positioned on the lower half of the Pulse. A three hour charge is required when needed which offers an hour play. The remote has a button battery already fitted on arrival.

Cleaning of the Pulse is easily completed especially with the Pulse being waterproof. As I give it a spray over with sex toy cleaner and wash over with warm water thoroughly. A quick towel dry and store away until its next use.

Overall the pocket pulse remote did arrive with a high amount of expectancy and I am pleased that not only did it live up to my expectations it has exceed them beyond belief. As the pulse shows good things can come in small packages. The pulse is an easy to use stroker, with a set of vibrating speeds that easily sends you to climaxing heaven. The pocket pulse is fast becoming my favourite sex toy as with each session my pleasure has been raised to new levels of sexual ecstasy, it may only be early 2018 but I feel the pocket pulse is going to be one of the sex toys of the year.

The pocket pulse remote was sent to me buy Hot Octopuss in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are my own. The Pocket Pulse is available to purchase with the remote for £75.00 or without the remote for £69.00.

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12 thoughts on “Pocket Pulse Remote

  1. Gary Mathew says:

    This is more of question. When charging the manual says charge 4 hrs. A review said it comes fully charged. Would this over charge and ruin the battery. When charging do I just push the plug into the rubber charging point, or remove the rubber plug.I don’t want to damage the unit.
    Thanks. Gary

    1. bondagegod says:

      Hi. Yes it does arrive fully charged. When charging is complete it will stop charging by itself. Yes you do just push the charging cable into the rubber charging pint it won’t cause no damage to the unit.

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