Fifty Shades Freed Cherished Collection Paddle

Fifty shades freed Cherished Collection paddleThe limited edition range of bondage items that lovehoney has released with each fifty shades film is now complete as the cherished collection has been released which has a wonderful array of items included in the set. I have loved the products in the red room and the no bounds collection. From this particular collection one item that particular stood out to me was the Fifty Shades Freed Cherished Collection Leather and Suede paddle.

As they is so much beauty in the paddle as the rose gold metal handle is stunning, combine this with the large purple suede or leather area. It certainly appeared the paddle knows how to deliver a suitable spanking.Tickler The paddle arrived beautifully presented inside a luxurious purple velvet storage bag. There is so much to admire from the bag as there is a silk ribbon that is tied up in a perfect bow, while the fifty shades freed logo has been written in smart gold lettering. The bag certainly adds to the luxury limited edition feel of the range to allow you to feel you own a special bondage product. Fifty shades freed Cherished Collection paddle There is so much beauty in the paddle beginning with the stunning rose gold metal handle which arrived fully protected as it were double wrapped in bubble wrap and white tissue paper. Fans of the book will immediately notice the ornate styling key that matches the book cover. The fifty shades freed logo is also engraved onto the handle and comes with three branded tags attached. Which adds another special feel to this product as the leather tag has a FSF logo on, the two cardboard tags has a quote from the story and the third is an informative tag with cleaning and safety/storage instructions on.

The length of the sturdy handle is very impressive as it measures at 5 3/4” which allows for it to fit In the palm of your hand with room to spare, this does aid the user to have a firm grip of the paddle.

The duel sided paddle had my bum cheeks twitching as soon as I inspected the paddle for many different reasons. The length is an 8 1/2” and is 3 1/4 “ wide.

The 3/4 of an inch thickness makes the paddle appear that it will know how to deliver a suitable spanking. it was very clear to see the quality of the product, as there is firm feel to the paddle as both materials are well sewn together. The duel materials of the paddle will offer two different styles of experience as the bright purple suede feels delightfully smooth and will feel gorgeous on your body. While the darker shade of purple that is the leather side looks and feels like it has the ability to provide a statement of intent and deliver a through stern spanking.

Fifty shades freed Cherished Collection paddleDuring use we both have experienced different levels of usage with the paddle but equally satisfied. Using the paddle on my wife was a gentle feel rather than a spanking. As I used the paddle to provide her with a massage as running the suede over her skin create a relaxing feel to her body that felt rather sensual.

My experience of the paddle was the opposite to this entirely as I received a spanking of epic status that left my body looking gleefully at the bright red marks all over.

I do love the feel of being spanked especially by leather and this where my session began there is a strong stinging to this particular side, with the fact this particular paddle is quite thick and doesn’t have a lot of Flex to it. The stings can be particularly painful if a lot of force is put behind it. Depending on what you like or if you’re beginning to venture in to impact play then warming up with the suede side would be recommended.

Fifty shades freed Cherished Collection paddle After a few spankings on my bum cheeks I was already feeling that I have been handed a severe spanking which the paddle offers. Such is the strength of this particular paddle. I do own some impressive paddle from the Bettie Pagerange this one is on a different level as my spanking began to venture all over my body. It was my back where I really enjoyed the paddle as I experienced the paddle in different ways.

I was subjected to both sides of the paddle the leather continued in the stinging fashion I have already experienced. While the suede side surprised me as it provided quite the firm feeling on impact, I didn’t expect this as I was expecting a gentler feel, to offer a lighter feel it turned out to be a welcome surprise and did further add to my love for this paddle. My wife also turned the paddle on its side edge to add another dimension to the paddle as there were a hard feeling that i were delightfully subjected to.

After a spanking session I do always enjoy the view in the mirror afterwards and this was no exception as I loved the reflection I could see. As my bum and legs were bright red that had satisfied my inner kink. While the sight of my back was a delight to see as I had been marked as the shape of the paddle was clearly visible.

Even by the following morning my bum still had a rosier glow to it, which was pleasing to see and a delightful reminder of the events that occurred the previous evening.

Overall the fifty shades freed cherished collection leather and suede paddle is a fantastic bondage products to own. It’s looks stunning on the eye with the combination of the rose gold handle and purple leather and suede paddle. I do love the spanking that this particular paddle offers. It’s is one which I can’t wait to be subjected again and again when we do indulge in our bondage sessions.

The choice of force behind the spanking is down to the level you select, I do believe it is best suited to intermediate or experienced users. When you consider there is very little flex and a firm spanking is offered over a wide area. If you are a beginner then this paddle is definitely worth working your way up to this level of impact play.

The Cherished Collection Leather and Suede Paddle was sent to me to test in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinion; which are my own.

If you would like to own this limited edition paddle then it can be purchased from Lovehoney for 69.99.img_1999

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