Hot Octopuss Atom Plus


With a promise of creating the next generation of toys, Hot Octopuss are living up to that motto this year as we already have been treated to the Pocket Pulse.
They now have released two brand new products in the form of the Atom & Atom Plus, as these represents the dawn of a new age for cock rings.

The Atom Plus is the ring that I am reviewing here, which arrived in a medium sized reflective silver rectangle packaging. There is an image of the cock ring alongside key points of the product and description of how to slip the ring on.


Inside the packaging the ring is positioned in a moulded tray alongside the remaining contents which consists of a USB charging cable, instruction leaflet and a small Hot Octopuss branded drawstring storage bag.IMG_20180307_200026_hdr_kindlephoto-1537044

The Atom Plus is made of a smooth black silicone & measures at 120x75mm, there is two reflective ABS strips which holds the power/mode button on the lower smaller strip. As this puts you in charge of the 5 powerful vibrating patterns. The top strip has the Hot Octopuss crown positioned centrally as either side there is the ‘+’ & ‘-‘ to control the selected strength you require. Embed into the silicone is also the Hot Octopuss logo just above the 40mm diameter cock ring. The stretch to the silicone is aided for you to slip the ring on as it is designed to be worn over your shaft and balls. This is what gives this particular product a new dimension in vibrating cock rings as the duel integrated motors which offers deep and rumbly vibrations. Hot Octopuss has built the wiring into the ring without the need for independent bullets.


As the highest motor will offer joint stimulation to provide shaft and clitoral pleasure to enjoy some intense couple play. The second motor targets your perineum to offer a heightened stimulation during masturbation/sex.


The ring was fully charged on arrival, when a charge is required it will take 2 hours for a 40 minutes of play with the Atom Plus. The charging point is situated underneath the ‘+’ symbol, where the cable does simply pushes in as a red light will indicate its charging & a white light when completely charged.

I prefer to only wear cock rings during penetrative sex with my wife. First impressions of the Atom Plus I were intrigued to try the ring first during some solo play as I were excited about experiencing the duel vibrations. I was amazed the amount of stretch the silicone can give as it was a easy task to slip the ring on. Remaining flaccid is important as you slip your testicles through the ring and then slowly work your penis through and simply adjust the ring into its final position.


Despite the power/function button being situated by your balls, it is still accessible to allow you to easily use. I do prefer the constant setting as this sends vibrations throughout the course of my shaft that especially stimulates the head of my penis to leave me feeling very sensitive, The vibrations which are aimed to bring you perineum stimulation did offer myself a light pleasure. As I combined using a masturbator with the ring that soon had me reaching climax for a stunning solo session as the Atom Plus became a cock ring that I enjoyed using during masturbation.


I did have a tinge of excitement about introducing the Atom Plus into our sex life to experience as a couple and it really didn’t disappoint as the ring does bring fourth many pleasures. During sex wearing the ring did match my solo session as I enjoyed the feelings of the vibrations throughout the length of my shaft that did feel firmer thanks to the tightness of the silicone around my penis. With each thrust as I penetrated my wife I could feel the pleasure building between both of us especially as my wife loved the strength of the constant vibrations directly on to her clit (that she felt matched her favourite clit toy) as we both felt there were a close connection between each other as we both climaxed together we were revelling in the vibrations as we jointly enjoyed the feelings to our most intimate parts of our body for an orgasm that was simply pure pleasure.


Washing of the ring is aided with it being fully waterproof. As I give it a spray over with sex toy cleaner and wash over throughly as the silicone cleans up good as it was on arrival. I towel dried the ring and store away until it’s next use.

Overall the Hot Octopuss Atom Plus does hold many treats as it is capable of bringing a trio of pleasures to the bedroom as the vibrations will bring clitoral stimulation alongside your penis and perineum pleasures.


Hot Octopuss has created a toy of epic pleasures whether it used for solo play or during sex. The vibrations are of a high intensity that will leave you stimulated in all the right places as the ring does bring a delightful firmness to your shaft to enjoy the complete cock ring experience from the stunning Atom Plus.

The Atom Plus was sent to me by Hot Octopuss in exchange for an honest review, this in no way influences my opinions; which are my own.

The Atom Plus can be purchased directly from Hot Octopuss for £89.00

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