Tenga Flip Zero Black

The White Flip Zero has always looked the part with its sophisticated appearance and inviting textures to be a must own masturbator from Tenga.

The Flip Zero has been given a makeover in which a dark and sexy appearance has been given to the latest creation in the Flip Series. While the internal side of the masturbator has also been given new features and a set of textures that Tenga has stated will bring stronger sensations.The Flip Zero arrived inside a cellophane wrapped clear outer dome where I couldn’t help but simply admire the darker appearance as I loved the finishing style of the black and semi-transparent combined together. After removing the duel set of stickers which seals the contents tray to the outer dome, does hold a detailed instruction booklet and two 10ml sachets of Tenga’s Real Lotion Lube.The Flip Zero has its own base which allows for the masturbator to independently stand by itself. There is a heavier feel to the Zero but also the feeling of an extremely well made male toy. The masturbator does measure stands at 180mm tall and is made of ABS, TPE and silicone.To open up the hinged Zero the removable clipped arm needs to be slid off which is an easy task to complete, There is a lock keeping the masturbator closed, to open simply squeeze both sides simultaneously together to open up the hinged masturbator.Once opened I was immediately impressed with the strong TPE internal lining it did feel like a treat to view, as it is housed with a range of different textures that immediately I could feel my excitement building at the prospect of experiencing these on my erect penis. The textures have two orbs an end solid one and a dynamic flick orb. The first textures you will experience on entry are named Geared Edge & Cross Rampart in which they will give you an intense immediate feel, as you delve deeper there is a series of ridges which begin to raise your stimulation.Beginning play one sachet is sufficient amount of lube to use per session and is ideally easy to apply with the Flip open design. Simply close the Zero shut and replace the arm and it’s all ready to play.

I do prefer to apply a small amount of lube to the head of my penis, I find this does aid me in penetrating myself through the seamless insertion point.Entry into the Zero is of a smooth nature as the TPE stretches to suit your particular girth. The textures are instantly felt as I am immediately stimulated, to maximise my pleasure I like taking my time working the Zero down my erection as I like to target the head of my penis as this is an ideal beginning to my solo session as it leaves me feeling aroused and highly sensitive.

When I do further work the masturbator down my erection and after I have entered myself into the full 6 inches of insertable length of textured heaven. I soon discovered the Zero really knows how to perform as each individual texture does play there part in raising your stimulation levels. Features of the Zero that can increase your pleasure is the two silicone pressure pads as they can be used to create an internal vacuum as the air is released a tighter feel can be experienced during play. The pads also offer a focused stimulating this is a particular favourite of mine as I enjoy how it allows you to have a particular texture firmly pressed into your penis to enjoy a greater level of stimulation during thrusting.I do prefer a slow thrusting rhythm as this gives me a greater control to work the masturbator and experience each amazing texture as the stimulation builds up throughout the length of my penis as I can feel my orgasm building to a level of intense pleasures. As during my many uses with the masturbator I have lost complete control of my body several times as I reach a pleasurable climax inside this stunning masturbator.

Which leaves me feeling a range of sensations throughout my penis as I am left feeling sensitive, stimulated & highly satisfied after enjoying a solo masturbation session of pure delight.The Flip open style design also aids you in the cleaning of the masturbator, as it allows you to rinse the TPE through with warm water to wash away any lube or body fluid. Before spraying over with a sex toy cleaner to wash thoroughly over to keep each individual texture completely clean.

The clipped arm also doubles up as a drying stand. Position the arm upside down in the base as this will allow you to balance the open Zero to dry naturally. If you needed to the TPE can also be towel dried to complete the drying process. Simply store away inside the clear dome until it’s next use.

Overall the Tenga Black Flip Zero is the complete package and has fast become one of my favourites go-to toys. It is a well made luxurious toy that is pleasing to view as the darker styled design creates a sexy and mysterious appearance.

I can’t speak highly enough of the multiple textures as they do arouse every inch of my penis when I am participating in a solo session with the Zero I can’t wait till I reach my climax as the orgasm in which I am treated is a pure sexual treat to look forward to.The Flip Zero Black Was sent to by Tenga in exchange for an honest review, this in no way influences my opinions; which are my own.

The Flip Zero Black can be purchased from Tenga for $99.99 or Tenga UK for £79.99.

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