Satisfyer Men

Satisfyer has taken the first footsteps into the world of penis sex toys with the release of Satisfyer Men.Which has been designed by the combination of porn legend Rocco Siffredi and Satisfyer to create a sporty style design masturbator, which has a unique pump feature to maximise your pleasure alongside the inner textured sleeve that promises a vaginal and oral sex experience.

The product arrived hygienically sealed inside a smart jet black box and certainly does hint at the prospect of a luxury product inside. As the box is well presented with its wonderful product image and description surrounding the sides of the packaging which is finished of with a image of Rocco Siffredi. An instruction booklet with all the information you will require for using and after care of the masturbator is suppliedFirst impressions of the Satisfyer Men  were how I was greeted with a firm ABS outer casing with two soft silicone grip sections. Which did look impressive with there being an ideal balance between the black and the blue coloured designed casing to create an well presented sex toy.The masturbator is ten inches in length and the shape of the toy is wide at the bottom and slims down to a cone shaped cap which is a part of the three features of the masturbator which consists of the upper small cap as this controls the air pressure to create the level of suction you wish for.The main feature of this male masturbator is the central soft silicone area as this allows for a pump action to take place to reduce the size of the inner sleeve for you to experience a selected tightness around your penis during thrusting. There is a release button to return the sleeve to its original sizing if required.The removable front cap has the white super soft cyber skin body safe TPE inner sleeve laying in wait behind ready to be penetrated. The masturbator arrives with the classic inner sleeve which is lined with a series of ribbed textures. On arrival there is a inner tube that needs to be removed as this keeps the sleeve in perfect shape until received.

There is a collection of six sleeves to customise the masturbator which can be purchased separately from satisfyer to experience a different ranges of thrilling textures.

My first few sessions with the masturbator I used the sleeve at standard room temperature. The recommend lube to use with the sleeve is the Satisfyer Men Neutral Lube. I placed some lube inside the sleeve and covered the head of my penis, I did find this was a sufficient amount of lube to last the whole session.While the sleeve design represents a non anatomical appearance, penetration into the classic sleeve feels very realistic indeed as I enter myself in to the tight central hole as I slip my erect shaft between the two raised lips as they mould themselves around my erection. The combination of entering the tight sleeve and the feel of the lips rubbing the sides of my shaft do bring an instant level of sensitivity.

With each individual inch of my erect penis as I slowly delve deeper into the classic sleeve it feels like I exploring a chamber full of treasures as each ribbed texture takes hold of my penis, my sensitively is increasing until I’m fully inserted inside the sleeve. Which is achieved in one smooth motion as the sleeve takes a firm grip of my penis to let myself sink in with pure pleasurable ease.Once I began thrusting I did prefer to work the sleeve over the first half of my penis as the manner in which the textures grip my penis allows me to feel like I am receiving an oral sex experience of the of highest quality and the sensitively is now really raised particularly to the tip of my penis. This is where I now like go deeper into the sleeve as I try out the different features of the masturbator.

l can see the benefits of making the sleeve tighter if your off a smaller girth. Personally I didn’t need to take advantage of the tightening pump action as my shaft comfortable fills the sleeve. A simple press of the release button and the sleeve does return to its original size.Normally masturbators with suction control does create an loud noise during thrusting which can be slightly off putting. I found this wasn’t the case with the Satisfyer Men as the firm level suction helps maintain the gripped sensation around my penis. If I release the cap there is a smoother looser feel to thrusting but this isn’t as stimulating with the cap not fully tightened up.As I continued thrusting the sleeve over the whole length of my penis the levels of sensitively continued and a intensity of the highest nature as the pleasure of enjoying an oral sex experience were soon exchanged to enjoy a realistic vaginal pleasure as the ribbed textures soon brought my session to a thrilling climax as my penis felt deeply pleasured but also felt a complete loss of control had occurred as I enjoyed a solo masturbation session of pure sexual pleasure.

What I felt was the perfect masturbation session only to find it’s possible to take play to an extra level of stimulation as the sleeve is temperature responsive for you to submerge it in warm water to heat up throughout.Removing the sleeve from the outer casing is best done by the lockable attachment still surrounding the inner sleeve. As this allows for a instant fitting straight back into the outer casing.

With the sleeve being wet I only use a small amount of lube on the head of my penis. Beginning penetration I slid in with the same smooth motion, the feelings I were experiencing were of a  higher state of sexual ecstasy as every sensation were raised by 100%

Starting with the warmth of the sleeve as not only does it add a realistic edge to the textured sleeve. The super skin material holds the heat very well as my penis were engulfed by the warmth that felt stunning to feel around my erection as my sensitively were extremely increased as I enjoyed a masturbation session which resulted in a harder intense climax.

To clean the sleeve I remove the lockable attachment and the sleeve from the casing as these are easier to place back together before positioning back into the casing. I do run water through the open ended sleeve to remove an lube or body fluid, before turning the sleeve inside out and wash over with a sex toy cleaner, before I allow the sleeve to dry naturally overnight. Satisfyer do recommend to give the sleeve a coating of renewal powder to help maintain the life of the sleeve.Overall Satisfyer first array into the world of penis masturbators have to applauded as this particular toy has allowed me to enjoyed several intense climaxes. As the textured ribbed sleeve is stimulating throughout to create a perfect balance of oral and vaginal pleasure. While if required the extra benefits of using the suction cap and pump to add to the experience of your session. I do own several different styles of masturbators and the Satisfyer Men is up there with the best of them. This product does come highly recommend and would be an welcome addition to your sex toy collection.I was sent the Satisfyer Men to test in exchange for an honest review, this in no way influences my opinion; which are my own.

The Satisfyer Men can be purchased directly from Satisfyer for £34.95

10 thoughts on “Satisfyer Men

  1. Posy Churchgate says:

    This sounds very satisfying – worth the additional cost difference from a simple sleeve. On the wish list for OH now!

    1. bondagegod says:

      Im glad you like the sound of the masturbator and it has made its way on to the OH wishlist. I have also reviewed 3 of the interchangeable sleeves if you wanted to take a look. As these allow for a different range of pleasures.

      1. Posy Churchgate says:

        Thank you – he had a sleeve before, thought he wouldn’t use it much but he surprised himself & actually wore it out!

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