Holy Trainer V2 Chastity Device

When House of Denial asked whether I would consider reviewing a chastity device for them, I was immediately interested and had a through look through there site to discover they stock a wide range of chastity devices made from a range of different materials such as plastic, silicone and metal which are suitable for beginners or experienced chastity users.

The chastity devices that I currently own are all made of metal. This is why I thought I would try a different style of device and opted to try the Clear Holy Trainer V2 Chastity Device.


On arrival I was instantly impressed with the zipped storage pouch which the device arrived as it keeps all the contents together and completely ideal to securely store in when not in use.

The contents do consist of 1 bio sourced transparent resin cage. There are two different lengths of cages available to purchase either a small (48mm) or standard (60mm) both cages have a 34mm diameter. The Holy Trainer device can also be purchased in Black, Pink, Orange, White and also Steel these do vary in prices.


There is a variety of four sizes to the supplied rings as you have a choice to select from, the internal diameters are 36mm, 40mm, 45mm, and 50mm as this offers a great versatility to the product.

The clear cage itself is well made and feels particularly strong to offer a secure feel once you’re placed in chastity. The outer & inner cage feels smooth all over apart from a slight ridge on the outer edge where the cage has been positioned together.

The essential side of being placed in chastity does involve being able to urinate and keep your penis hygienically clean by still washing, this is achievable by the larger of three slots positioned on the end of the cage. The two smaller side slots provide a slight amount of ventilation.


On the top of the cage there is part of the locking system which needs to slot into the centre of the ring as this is where the sliding lock is positioned which comes with two keys.

I opted for the standard size cage and I used the 50mm sized ring. To be positioned inside the cage, you need to begin with the ring which is worn behind your penis. To achieve this I slip my testicles through first and then my penis which is easily done as the ring sits perfectly behind my penis.


To position your penis into the cage you will need to remain flaccid, sometimes it does take several attempts for me to slip the cage on as there is a hinge of excitement being placed in chastity and it is easy to gain an erection. When I am flaccid I give the inner cage a small coating of lube as this aids me in smoothly working the cage down my penis and into position for the cage and ring to align together. Sometimes it does require for the two to be held together to slot the lock in, once in position one quick turn of the key and your now firmly locked in chastity.


When I’m locked inside the cage the feel and appearance of my penis offered me a different experience to what I am used to during chastity wear. Yet I felt it suited my inner kink and was ideal for humiliation games we like to indulge in.

The factors that made this possible is my penis being visible through the clear cage, the sizing of the cage is what made this truly achievable as the illusion were created of my penis looking rather small as this cage is 10mm less in length than my largest cage and I do love the tighter fit of the Holy Trainer for the appearance it creates.


During wear I have worn the device for different amounts of timescales that vary between the evenings of a session, while other times it has been for longer periods that include daily wear of the cage also I have remained in chastity during sleep. One noticeable fact which has remained the same during wear is how comfortable and discreet the cage is on each occasion it has been worn. Especially when worn daily as under your clothes there are no visible signs that you are wearing a chastity device, the design of the lock helps in the discreetness of the cage as there is no padlock that could potentially knock against the cage. I’ve not experienced this issue with my other devices but with this particular designed lock it will certainly prevent this from occurring.

The cage does feel completely natural to where especially during longer periods as I can easily forget my penis is restrained inside the device. That is until I feel the need to have an erection as soon as I begin the cage soon stops my penis from growing to leave me limp and unable for my penis to reach any level for firmness. Even overnight this is still evident as it’s normal to have an erection during sleep; the cage firmly stays in its place. Whether it is during long or short term wear you are kept securely locked inside the cage and under full control at all times.


Overall the Holy Trainer V2 Chastity Device has become a welcome addition to my collection of chastity devices. I do enjoy wearing this cage for the visual aspect it brings to my penis and how it controls my penis into achieving an erection. It’s comfortable to wear whether it is for short or long term wear. I feel the Holy Trainer V2 is a great purchase for either experienced or beginners in chastity play and is a very reasonably priced at £34.99.

The Holy Trainer V2 Chastity Device was sent to me by House of Denial in exchange for an honest review; this in no way influences my opinions, which are my own.img_3436

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