We-Vibe Anniversary Collection

It’s been 10 award winning years for We-Vibe since they first hit the sex toy market, since then they have created several couples and solo products that have been enjoyed throughout the world. To mark this landmark occasion We-Vibe has realised two of their most popular products in an exclusive collection in the form of the We-Vibe Anniversary Collection that includes the Sync & TangoTango.

The Anniversary Collection arrived inside a sturdy and well presented piece of packaging. Opening up the white and purple branded box which has key products features and images surrounding the box. Once inside I was greeted to an impressive smart grey storage case, which holds the contents inside individual moulded sections.


Starting with the makeover in colour which has been handed to the Sync & Tango especially for this collection, as they are now a stunning shade of cosmic purple which looks a bright and vibrant shade of colour to certainly look the part.


Identical Features

There are some identical features to both of the products such as they are made from body safe materials like silicone (Sync) & ABS plastic (Tango) which are made without latex, both BPA and phthalates free. If you do enjoy using toys in the bath/shower than this is an option as both toys are 100% waterproof.img_3184

Charging of the two products can be done simultaneously and extremely discreetly as they can be charged positioned inside the closed case using the supplied USB cable, two hours of play is available after a 90 minute charge has taken place.

We-Vibe app & remote control

There is two ways of controlling the Sync. The first is the supplied white wireless remote control, which allows you to select the speeds/patterns with a simple press of a button. The remote does work up to a distance of 3 meters away.


The second way is through the We-Connect App which is available on iTunes or Google Play. This does require a Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection to pair the Sync to your phone. Once this stage is complete you can then invite your partners phone to be paired to the sync for them to have full control of the speeds/vibrations also. Therefore this offers the opportunity for sexual pleasure to still be taking place whether you’re in the bedroom or if your both apart as the sync can be controlled from any worldwide destination.

A feature that has always drawn me to the sync is the beat mode function as this allows the vibrating patterns to work with the music on your phone. As you can select your favourite song to enjoy in a different yet unique way .

Sync Description.

Beginning with the Sync which measures at 3 inches in both insertable length and circumference. The is a suitable amount of flex to the C-shaped silicone body, as this allows for the sync to personally fit your body shape for you to receive the maximum G-Spot and Clitoral stimulation. While during penetration the penis is also subjected to the vibrations along the length of his erection as both of you can enjoy the joint pleasures as a couple. Positioned on the Sync itself is the power button and two magnetic charging points. The Sync has 10 different speeds/patterns for you to experience as this does offer you a variety of alternative levels of arousal through each individual setting. Once the sync has been turned off it does remember the pattern you last used, which is a great feature as in its next use you can instantly enjoy your favorite pattern.


Sync usage

Beginning play with the Sync was a smooth experience as I easily positioned the sync into shape and slowly enter the toy vaginally into my wife and place onto her clit. I do give my penis a light coating of the supplied sachet of the Pjur water based lube to as this allows me easily to slowly work my penis into my wife vagina alongside the sync. The first few feels of this couples toy were particular encouraging, as we got used to the extremely powerful vibrations and were enjoying the level of intensity that the offered. As the sync did provide the perfect level of clitoral, vaginal and penis stimulation that can be felt throughout our session from the constant setting.

I do the love the added feel of the vibrations to my penis throughout the length of my erect penis that provided me with an suitable level of stimulation to create a level of arousal, in particular to the head of my penis as this left me feeling sensitive and is an ideal level of pleasure to build me up to reach climax. This is where the sync became the best couples toy we have experienced as we both enjoyed a duel sensation during climax to leave our bodies feeling completely jointly pleasured as this slick toy is ideal to use for added stimulation during love making.

For the majority of the time during sex in the missionary position the sync stayed in place apart from the occasional adjustment as my wife did have to re-position it back on to her clit, which is easily done and doesn’t add a frustrating edge to the use of the toy. One of the best strengths I can give to the sync is the smooth and comfortable feeling of the sync, which if it wasn’t for the vibrations we wouldn’t know the toy was there whether I’m thrusting slowly or once I’ve sped up my thrusting rhythm it feels completely natural having the sync in use during our love making sessions.

We Vibe Anniversary Collection

Tango Description.

The slimline Tango has an instant slick appearance with its tapered tip to offer pin point clitoral stimulation from this petite vibrator which only measures out at 2.25 inches in circumference and has a insertable length of 3.5 inches. Controlling the 8 different patterns which the Tango delivers is done via the push button situated on the end of the ABS body, which also holds two silver power points.


Tango Usage

For all of the years I have been a sex toy reviewer/blogger a toy I continuously see being recommended is the Tango. This has led to a lot of anticipation at the prospect of introducing the tango to my wife’s clit to see what type of pleasure she will experience.

The two constant settings are my wife preferred choice of patterns as they provide her with an ideal stimulation to her clit. She does begin with then lowest setting which is sufficient enough to use throughout the session, she likes the shape of the bullet as it provides an ideal amount of contact to her clit. Mid-session she does like to indulge in the higher setting as this allows her to raise the sensitivity of her clit as her stimulation levels rise. She prefers to switch back to the lower speed as the intensity is very high, as her clit is now feeling very sensitive by using the lower speed it allows for the session to continue longer and further enjoy the tango.

Particularly when using the bullet & it has been combined with either a dildo/vibrator or during penetrative sex as the tango combines to create the perfect blend of clitoral and vaginal stimulation that has brought about a deep level of pure sexual pleasure, as this allowed for several intense orgasms to be enjoyed as my wife had the joy of enjoying multiple squirting moments from this perfect petite bullet.



With the two products being waterproof this also aids in the cleaning of both products. To wash I give them both a spray over with sex toy cleaner and wash throughly over with warm water. Simply towel dry and position them back in the storage case until there next use.

We Vibe Anniversary Collection

Overall the We-Vibe Anniversary is an amazing collection that has been created to celebrate We-Vibe’s tenth year anniversary. Both products have provided us with several intense sexual moments after my wife experience of enjoying the high amount of clitoral pleasure from the tango, we can easily appreciate why people hold the bullet in such high regard. While the Sync itself is amazing toy to use during love making as it has sent our joint pleasures to another level of stimulation to be throughly enjoyed as the sync is an ideal stunning couples toy.

Congratulations to We-Vibe on the first 10 years, if the next 10 years is going to full of products and collections like this one then it promises to be very sexually fulfilling.


The We-Vibe Anniversary Collection was sent to me by We-Vibe in exchange for an honest review, this in no way influences my opinions; which are my own. The collection can be purchased from Lovehoney for £195.99


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