Hot Octopuss Atom

When Hot Octopuss launched two new products in the form of the Atom & Atom Plus cock rings, there was a natural excitement at what these new design for cock rings would bring during sex.
National orgasm day

After previously reviewing theAtom plus for Hot octopuss I couldn’t wait to experience the Atom in its own right, I was excited when it arrived unexpectedly on my doorstep.

The glorious looking silver reflective rectangular packaging, Is everything you would require as it looks smart and informative, as there is an image of the cock ring and ideally holds the relevant key features of the product.


On opening the packaging the ring is positioned in a moulded tray alongside the remaining contents which consist of a USB charging cable, instruction leaflet and a small Hot Octopuss branded drawstring storage bag.


The Atom is simply divine to touch and has an appearance to match as I felt it has a sophisticated finish to the smooth black silicone cock ring. Positioned on the silicone is the power/patterns button and charging point which are placed on opposite sides just below a reflective ABS strip which have the Hot Octopuss crown positioned centrally as either side there is the ‘+’ & ‘-‘ to control the selected speeds you desire.


The size dimensions of the Atom are 3.5 inches in height and 2.5 inches across the diameter of the cock ring itself is 35mm which does have a good level of stretch to the silicone to offer you a suitable level of ease to wear the ring. Just above the ring is a wide silicone area which has the Hot Octopuss Logo proudly embed into it, laying underneath this area is the one high strength bullet that offers you a high level of vibration heaven.
There is a choice of 5 different vibrations settings to enjoy a variety of different levels of speeds during play. If you enjoy using toys in the water then you have the opportunity with the Atom as it is 100% waterproof.


The ring can be worn in not one but two different positions I will talk about both further down in my review. One of the positions feels amazing, while the other offers mind-blowing pleasure.i

Postioning the ring onto your penis can be achieved if your flaccid or erect. Though personally If possible to control your excitement and not gain a full erection a greater level of pleasure can be reached. I managed to stay just slightly semi-erect as I lightly applied a ring of water-based lube and combined with the stretch in the silicone this easily allowed for the ring to be slipped on to be worn and positioned at the end of my shaft with the ring facing upwards, if worn during penetrative sex the raised nub offers clitoral stimulation.

The reason I mentioned if possible not to gain a full erection is the feelings that are generated once this ring is powered into life. As I felt the constant vibrations throughout my shaft especially as my erection grew with each second I knew that I was wearing a powerful piece of penis technology. I must admit during my solo play I did just lay for 10-15 minutes solely enjoying the vibrations as I impressively looked on at the high level of firmness that had been brought to my penis as the cock ring reduced my blood flow to leave my veins bulging and my cock felt amazing to hold and the most erect I have ever felt during wear of a cock ring.

After I had finished admiring the impressive appearance of my erection, I introduced a masturbator to the session as I was revelling in the extra tightness that I was being subjected to and love to feel particularly from my realistic masturbators. The longer my session continued It was particularly noticeable that my climax was reduced as I had been thrusting for a longer timescale than I generally would. After a certain amount of time, I did remove the cock ring as this did allow me to reach climax. The effect of wearing the ring was still evident as I was still feeling firmer and there was a level of heightened stimulation and sensitivity as I experienced an enjoyable release.


After feeling the strength of the vibrations I was excited to how the vibrations would feel against my testicles, by wearing the ring in the other available position as wearing the ring upside down with the raised nub pressed against my testicles. I was expecting the vibrations to feel good but the level of pleasure shocked me and the manner in which I could feel the vibrations that weren’t only felt exclusively to my testicles as they travelled up every inch of my now extreme firm erect cock.

As I notched up the speed level to the highest as I was already tingling with excitement at the prospect of the orgasm that I would soon be subjecting myself too. As I swiftly added a masturbator to my session I was in stimulation heaven as the combination of textures and the Atom working its magic as the silicone were tight around my shaft as I felt particularly firmer, while the feel of the vibrations continued throughout. I knew it wasn’t going to be long before I reached the magic point and enjoyed a climax that I can only explain as pure mind-blowing orgasm that left me feeling complete sexually satisfied and a lot more.

Hot Octopuss do recommend a two-hour charge before use, on arrival, there was a suitable amount of charge to offer an instant play. I did decide to still charge the Atom up as recommended to find within 30 minutes the ring was fully charged. Using the USB lead a red light indicates the Atom is charging, the light does switch to a white light once the charging process is complete.

Cleaning of the ring after use is aided by it being fully waterproof. After I have washed the silicone over with a sex toy cleaner I can thoroughly rinse over with warm water and simply towel dry over. As the cleaning process is a simple and convenient task.

Overall I would class the Atom my favourite out of the two rings from the range solely on the basics in which I have felt a higher level of stimulation from the one bullet. As I can say this particular ring has given me one of the hardest erections I have ever experienced during use of a cock ring. Such is the firmness this ring has brought me and with the added intense stimulation in which I have experienced, I’ve kept this particular ring to solely use during my solo masturbation fun. If you were intending on purchasing this ring to use during couple play I feel that it would provide both of you with the level of pleasure I have received from the Atom.

The Atom was sent to me by Hot Octopuss in exchange for an honest review, this in no way influences my opinions; which are my own.

The Atom can be purchased directly from Hot Octopuss for £49.00


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