Another week has passed by and in this weeks #SoSS I’m sharing with you three posts that I have enjoyed reading/viewing this week that ranges from a sinful Sunday image to two different reviews of a whip and a masturbator.

Beginning with the sinful Sunday image from Submiss 34f. The monthly prompt theme was set as ‘I am’ she chose to use ‘I am protected as her idea for an image. Where she created this simple yet powerful image. This was my favourite image from the prompt week images.

My post is Joanne Reviews of the HurtMe: Cat-o’-Nine-Tails Ariadne. Where she has provided a well-written review of her experience of the whip and all of its positives features. It certainly has got me very tempted into wanting to own this particular whip.

The next post I am highlighting is the review of the Mantric Head Masturbator Vibrator from down the rabbit bunny hole. I’ve not had a great experience of penis toys of this nature. I wanted to read the review to see how this style of toy performed.

If you do enjoy any of these blogs or any particular blog then voting is currently taking place in Kinkly Superhero bloggers 2018. If you would like to vote then you can do here. Where it will bring up the list of all the bloggers you can vote for.

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