TENGA Flip Zero EV Black

The TENGA Flip Zero Black does fall into the category of one of my regular masturbators as the textures have allowed me to enjoy several pleasurable experiences with every use. Since I read the Big Gay Review of the White Tenga EV and he’s clear admiration of this masturbation product and the pleasures it delivers. I knew at some stage in my life I would own this masturbator.

Tenga EV Black

Then Tenga released the EV in the Black model which further raised my admiration of the product. I was offered the opportunity to test this particular toy by Lovehoney and I must admit there was a high level of excitement as I waited for the TENGA Flip Zero EV Black to arrive.

Tenga EV Black

The packaging gave an immediate luxurious product feel that I now had in my midst. As there was a sophisticated edge to the black & white coloured sturdy box. With its product image and description smartly presented. On removing the lid I was greeted by the EV displayed inside a clear dome alongside the renaming contents which consists of an instruction booklet, two 10ml sachets of Tenga real lube, a USB charging cable.
Description & Charging

Tenga EV Black

Before releasing the zero from the dome & the magnetic base which holds it securely in place. I do admire the deep black colour of the ABS body as personally, I feel this adds to the sexy presence of the masturbator & therefore creates a visually stimulating effect. On the outer edge, there are two branded silicone pads which offer you the opportunity to create a strong vacuum suction by releasing any unwanted air during play by simply squeezing the pads.

Tenga does recommend charging the zero to before use but I found there was a suitable amount of charge for one not to be required. When required a charge will take 90 minutes for a 40-minute usage. To charge the USB lead plugs into the base. The U-shaped removable arm connects all the charging points together via the magnetic silver strip that runs around the length of the arm which the battery is built into itself.

Tenga EV Black

First viewing of the double-sided TPE sleeve looked impressive as the combination of the ridges & orbs textures would feel stimulating by themselves before introducing the vibrations which would arise from the two individual vibrating cores which are positioned at the tip and centrally respectively allowing for a strong level of deep rumbly vibrations throughout the sleeve.
Controls & Sleeves

The control button is ideally positioned on the top of the removable and to easily allow you to cycle through the 5 different patterns during play.


The vibrating patterns do consist off;
1) Low Constant
2) High Constant
3) Pulsating
4) Alternating
5) Random
Masturbation Session

Tenga EV Black

As I excitedly prepared the zero by applying a sachet of the supplied lube to the inner sleeve & a small amount to the head of my penis. I do find this aids me in penetrating the sleeve. The feeling of entering the sleeve is suitably tight, the sleeve itself does stretch to suit the size of your penis.



I first felt the textures by themselves before introducing the vibrations. They did feel stimulating as I enjoyed the that the ridges & orbs provided as I thrust the zero over the length of my erection that I could feel my climax building solely on the textures alone. It was the vibrations that I was highly anticipating to see how they would feel to build up my stimulation to reach climax.

Even I was shocked at the power that I was suddenly being subjected as I was literally blown away as I felt that I had been teleported into a new world of sexual pleasure. As I was now experiencing a higher level of stimulation for the first time. As the transformation of my pleasure from just textures to the now added vibrations had rocketed up a 1000%.

Using the constant setting I could feel the vibrations throughout the length of my penis that as I continued thrusting the stimulation I were feeling was stunning but before I reached climax I wanted to raise the level of vibrations and opted to use the highest constant setting. I knew it wasn’t going to be long before I reached orgasm and I wanted to make the most of the vibrations and I did so in extreme stimulating style.

Tenga EV Black

As I reached the point of no return the vibrations really allowed me to lose complete control of my penis and body. At that point, I knew I needed more and I still felt particular firm that I continued thrusting the zero. This is where a first happened for me with a masturbator to take my solo play to new sexual heights as I reached a second stunning climax.

Another first that happened during my masturbation session. My wife enjoys watching me using toys and such was the pleasure I were receiving she enjoyed the show so much that she brought herself to orgasm on the sight of my pleasure alone to the point that she suddenly squirted as she was highly turned on by my pleasure.

After use cleaning of the zero is easily achievable especially with the open style design of the zero. It is important to remember the removable arm and the zero itself are completely waterproof. As this allows me to wash away any lube or body fluid before giving the sleeve a spray over with sex toy cleaner and thoroughly wash over.


I lightly towel dry over the zero before balancing on the arm which doubles up as a drying stand to allow the zero to dry naturally overnight. The charging base isn’t waterproof if it did require a clean over then a wet wipe would be sufficient to complete the process.

Overall TENGA has created a masturbator that is like no other toy I have ever experienced and I feel it is perfection itself. As it has allowed me to enjoy several sessions of pure sexual pleasure. That not only at the point of climax I have felt an extended excitement throughout my body hours after my session.

Tenga EV Black

I know the initial outlay for the TENGA Flip Zero EV Black is a lot of money. Once you have experienced the zero it will prove to be a valuable addition to your sex toy collection that will provide you with several hours of stimulating pleasure. As the power of the vibrations cannot be underestimated & they do really need to be felt to truly believe the level of sexual pleasure you can treat yourself to by owing the zero.

The TENGA Flip Zero EV Black was sent to me by Lovehoney in exchange for an honest review, this in no way influences my opinion; which are my own.

EV Black can be purchased from Lovehoney for £189.99

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