TENGA Egg New Standard Series

It all began with Wavy, Clicker & Spider as TENGA realised there first products in the Tenga eggs series. Ten years on & they have released six brand new eggs to mark the occasion.
Tenga egg 10 years

The brand new standard series arrives inside a see-through egg-shaped box. To perfectly display the new series of eggs 2018 as you have a varied choice of textures to choose from the differently named eggs. Which are known as Boxy, Brush, Silky II, Sphere, Tornado, Wavy II

Tenga  egg 10 years

Over the years I have used several different Tenga Eggs, in fact, the Heart egg was my first experience of a penis toy. The masturbator is ideal for beginners but is still suitable for experienced users in sex toys. As the design of the petite eggs is simple yet stimulating effective. The finish of the outer surface of the egg has a perfectly smooth feel which does feel lovely to hold during use.


While the amount of stretch there is to the inner textured white TPE egg is amazing, as they are capable to fit over the length of the most penis. Tenga do state the egg is a one use toy only but I have always managed to have multiple uses with the previous ones I’ve owned. While the eggs don’t remain in there original shape, they are still suitable to re-use. A sachet of Tenga lube is supplied for each individual egg.

Tenga egg 10 years

I feel spoilt for choice when deciding which egg to tempt me to use first. I opted to try the upgraded Wavy II

Tenga egg 10 years

The Wavy II has a series of raised rippling ridges that surround the entire inner egg. To bring you a constant feeling of stimulating textures throughout each individual movement of this particular egg.

Tenga egg 10 years

After emptying the sachet of lube Inside the egg. I positioned the egg over the tip of my penis, I did begin with a slow thrusting rhythm as I stretched the Wavy II down the length of my erection. To get a first feel of how stimulating the ridges would feel. I was impressed during each thrusting movement whether it was a slow or fast thrust there we a pleasurable feel happening. As this allowed me to alternate between the two speeds as I built myself up to reach a climax that felt delightful thrilling on release. As the raised ridges performed to leave me feeling pleasantly satisfied.

Tenga egg 10 years

The Tornado holds a delicious series of detailed nubs that spiral themselves around the egg. Allowing you to enjoy a twisting motion to the thrusting movement of this particular egg.

Tenga egg 10 years

Introducing the egg to my erect penis. My initial thoughts were how the textures felt quite light over the length of erection using a normal thrusting motion. That is until I changed to a spiral motion like tenga recommends with the Tornado. As this allowed for the textures to come alive with each movement. As I could feel my sensitivity building with each telling feel of the nubs spiralling around my penis. As my stimulation soon built up to enjoy a climax that was exciting and deeply stimulating finish to my masturbation session with the tornado egg.

Tenga egg 10 years

An instant stimulation is offered from penetration with the Brush egg as there are spiralling ribs to be felt on entry. Once you have entered the egg the stimulation continues in the form of long twisted strokers that brush over your penis with each individual movement.

Tenga egg 10 years

Tenga have given this egg the perfect name as the strokers work perfectly to create a pleasurable feel once you have a fast thrusting rhythm. To achieve the maximum pleasure from the brush strokes is to work the sleeve down the length of your penis & then as you work the sleeve back up to the tip of your penis the brush textures ideally work to bring a pleasurable feel to your erection especially that results in a sweet climax to indulge in.

Tenga egg 10 years

A double pleasure is offered from the Boxy as the angled textures offer stimulation from two different directions as they surround the inner egg to bring you a treat of sensations.

Tenga egg 10 years

The Boxy is my least favourite egg out of the collection. I just didn’t get that stimulating feeling from the textures. They felt nice as I thrust the egg but never to the point to satisfy me that I felt I would be able to reach climax.

Tenga egg 10 years

The Sphere egg is my favourite egg from the set. As the combination of the stunning bulbous orbs is a masturbation dream particularly as each individual orb is layered with a series of stimulating ribs. As a real treat awaits you to feel the sensations of the Sphere egg.

Tenga egg 10 years

There was an instant excitement from the Sphere as soon as the orbs came into contact with my penis. As they created a tingling feeling on touch alone. As I began thrusting the egg I was feeling highly stimulated as the series of raised orbs strongly pleasure you whether you’re thrusting the egg over the length of your erection, or using a twisting motion. The orbs create a strong textured feel to build up your pleasure that feels highly stimulation & results in an amazing stunning climax

Tenga egg 10 years

The next generation Silky II is lined with a series of extra thick spider webs that are lined all over the inner sleeve for a smooth stimulation that can please every inch of your penis.

Tenga egg 10 years

The Silky II offers a light stimulation to my penis as I feel there isn’t that level of high pleasure from the textured spider web. It was more of a nice feeling over the length of my erection. Though I did reach orgasm with the Silky II it was more a gentle climax that left me with the feeling of still needing more pleasure.

Tenga egg 10 years
Cleaning of the eggs after every session has been identical. I begin by turning the sleeve inside out & wash away any lube or body fluid. Before cleaning over with a sex toy cleaner & simply towel drying. Before storing back inside the white shell the egg arrives in.

Overall Tenga has created a suitable set of tenga eggs to mark the tenth anniversary of there original release. To provide you with a series of different textures that offer you a varied range of masturbation delights. While every egg didn’t suit me personally I was more than satisfied with the eggs on offer as I enjoyed several pleasurable climaxes with the tenga eggs. I would recommend this set to beginners or experienced users in penis toys.

Tenga egg 10 years

The New Standard Series was sent to me by TENGA in exchange for an honest review, this in no way influences my opinion; which are my own.

This new set of Tenga eggs can be purchased direct from TENGA. Currently the eggs are only available to purchase in the USA & Asia where they can be purchased for $6.50 each.

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